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Let’s Transform your business marketing strategy from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

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About Us.

Haji Designers (HD Designers) was founded in October, 2019 to help companies, SMEs and people of influence push their brand identities, growth their audience reach, sales volume, and brand positioning through consumer-eccentric designs.

You need more quality and regular clients for your business or startup, right?

So, how do you go about it?

We make highly converting professional business websites for your sustainable marketing needs. We can promise that using our Digital Marketing Formula and web design prowess, your business stands to gain at least 20% client retaining rate annually.

How does that sound? Perfect.

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What is Our Secret Formula?

Before we cracked the code, we also fell victim for marketing myopia and conventional marketing beliefs that have proven not to work in the long term. I don’t care what you do, where a retailer, a service provider, an attorney, a dentist, a car dealer, or a freelancer, but if you are not getting clients, you’re done. You cannot afford the luxury of staying without clients if you are growth-focused.

I assume you are already doing print design and conventional social media marketing. We like to call that Guerilla Marketing Technique. It is not very effective with the current digitization of marketing.

We used to offer those services too, but we are integrating automation of business processes and marketing functions, which print designs cannot do to you business through new web design techniques and AI.

How Does It Work?

First, you need to call and speak to one of our digital marketing experts. On this 10-20 minutes free consultation call, the expert will ask you a few questions regarding your business.

Typical questions will be:

  • What industry is your business?
  • Do you have an internal marketing team?
  • Are you familiar with digital marketing?
  • What is your financial goal this year?
  • What marketing structures and strategies are you using at the moment?
  • Does you business have a professional website?
  • Are you familiar to the concept of sales funnels?
  • Do you have landing pages for your strategic products?
  • How many clients do you target to get in a month?
  • How many sales are you making in a month?
  • How much is your company’s overall marketing spend for the last year?

Popular Professional Services:

So you’re not yet decided on where to get started? Here are some of the most in demand design services by small business owners and large corporations working with Haji Designers. You can also send us a WhatsApp message for recommendations on  where to start depending on what your brand needs at the moment.

PhotoShop Editing

Add Aesthetics to Your Marketing Images.
Kes 1499
Starting from...
  • Retouching & Enhancement
  • Background Removal
  • Filters & Effects

Logo Design

Build Your Brand
Kes 1499
Starting from...
  • Linear colors Logo
  • Basic Logo Design
  • Minimalist Logo


Customize Your Website
Kes 9999
Starting from...
  • Bug Fixes
  • Customization
  • Basic Full Website

More Print Designs:

Your business is more than just its product, its logo and services. How you promote your business will determine how your customers interact with you. Your brand’s retail experience should encompass everything. This includes ads, sales promotions, social media, your website, and your signage. How about we design cost-effective means of communicating to your clients with less effort for an undisputed competitive advantage?

professional logo design

Professional Logo Design

Stunning Animated Signages


Highly Converting BillBoards

Animated Signage Video Samples:

A recent survey by Facebook Marketing Team has shown that 70% of online users consume more video content over written and audio content. Start using videos, short animated content designs and whiteboard explainers to keep your audience and potential customers engaged. Working with HD Designers is your Golden opportunity to explore more into the world of internet marketing in a different way unlike your market rivals.